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15 Ways to Differentiate your Property

Tall Buildings

In this epoch of science and technology, modernization has brought about the significance of comfort in our shelters. Thus, the rise of the property revolution takes its place into our world. However, the outbreak of a new coronavirus which brings forth a global pandemic has rendered an imbalance in the amount of vacant real estates and occupied real estates.  With that being said, the supply of properties overwhelms the demands of the world. Ergo, property differentiation plays an important role to make one’s property stand out.


            Here are 15 ways to differentiate your property. First and foremost, you have to [1] ensure that the interior design of a particular property is eye-catching and able to cater to the society’s desires. The interior design need not to be perfect but must have its own uniqueness. The essence of speciality is a quick way to render your property to stand a par above the others. Secondly, take into consideration of [2] implementing exceptional furniture in your property. Studies have shown that one of the major attributes that attracts the public is comfort. If your property caters extraordinary comfort to the public, then it is without a doubt that your property is great. If the furniture’s design has a touch of class, then your property will be stupendous

Another contributing factor is [3] tidiness. Have you ever gone to a property tour and when you first step into the building you are welcomed with a bunch of mess? The sensation of disgust immediately flows through your veins. Therefore, you must declutter your property. Remove superfluous items which cause overcrowding in your property. Aside from that, [4] professional photographs are ideal to impress your customers through the Internet. It is not the words that attract the customers but the photos. As the adage goes “A picture paints a thousand words” signifies the importance of taking quality photos that show various views of your property to your customers online. Not good at taking photos? Worry not! Nowadays, there are plenty of online photography tutorial videos available for free.


            Apart from that, [5] do not leave the walls empty! Walls are great place to impress customers with artistic designs. May it be photographs, paintings or even decorative lightings, it will sure give the viewer a better impression. Next, [6] find out what is lacking in your property. For instance, if a developer designs a built-in kitchen cabinet that doesn’t have any drawer (I know it is absurd but it does happen), then it is good to spend some money rectify the cabinet by installing some drawers.


            Never forget to [7] offer something special to your customers. For example, if you know the facilities in the building are dated and there is a new gym around the area. It will be ideal to offer tenant with 1-2 membership for the gym. This makes your listing more valuable than others. As there’re more merits to it.           

              Nature really is the true wonder of this world. Therefore, [8] add some green decorative to your unit. Some plants and flowers are ideal to freshen up your unit. Moreover, [9] playing some relaxing music served with a cup of coffee will raise your customer's impression dramatically as a sense of respect and conveniences is being shown. Thus, making the viewing experience exceptional. [10] Don’t forget to ensure that there’s sufficient ventilation in your unit so that it doesn’t reek of drainage smell.

            [11] Cleaning your unit is another dominant component that attracts buyers. Keeping your unit as dust-free as possible and without a single strain of hair on the floor vouchsafes an easy-to-clean unit to your customer. Moreover, do remember to [12] cover every mattress with bedsheet. It isn’t a really good impression for your customers to be amazed by the decoration of your unit and then to be welcomed into rooms with mattress without bedsheet.


            [13] Ensure that your place is cooling, no one likes to travel miles to visit a property that is an oven grilling your customers every second. Keep your unit cool and turn on the air-conditioners if you have to. Furthermore, [14] be organised as you bring your customer to explore your unit. Prepare rough script in advance if you need to. Remember keywords and property tour flow such as visiting the living hall first then kitchen and finally the bedrooms. No customers like to attend a disorganised property tour. Lastly, [15] be presentable to your customers. Imagine if you customer viewing the property from the outside and then having to talk to the owner who is not well-dressed. Treat customers as if you’re treating a special guest to your house. Make sure that they are not just satisfied with the unit but also with you.

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